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Choosing a suitable punching/kicking target for your kids

It’s summer time! The children have more time to relax and join in some entertaining activities. Nowadays, instead of letting them watch television or playing games, a lot of parents are looking for some sporting or health improving exercises, for example karate, taekwondo or football in the summer holiday.

1. Different kinds of target

There are a lot of different kinds of targets for children. Here are some popular choices that you can consider for your kids.

1.1 Hanging targets

Hanging targets is the type that you can hang at the ceilings. This could help the kids to have enough space to practice without knocking anything or having many injuries. Hanging targets are made from high quality materials and can adjust the height so it would be more suitable for your children. 

Disadvantage: The targets can cause injuries to your kids if it’s not at the accurate height and weight. The targets themselves can knock over your children and cause them injuries and can even cause long-term effects on their body.

Hanging Punching Target – image

1.2 Standing sandbags

Standing sandbags have the shape of a standing person and are placed on the ground. This type of target is suitable for kids who like to practice on human-like materials. Standing sandbags can adjust the height and are made of durable materials to ensure their safety.

Disadvantage: It’s very easy to cause injuries to the kids without supervision and/or instructions.

Standing sandbags – Image

1.3 Balloon punching targets

Balloon punching targets are the most common type of targets nowadays. However, if not using them properly it can reflect the hit to your kids and they wouldn’t be able to resist them quickly, which can cause injuries to them.

Balloon Punching Targets –  Image

1.4 Smart martial arts device – Champio Tri Luc Master

This device is being used every day by famous coaches and trainees in Vietnam for their exercises. 

This smart martial arts device uses AI technology to calculate the strength of each hit accurately, therefore it would help build a suitable training mode for your children. 

The device can help connect with the coaches nationwide, therefore it can act like a coach itself to help your kids with their exercises without having their parents next to them, accurate statistics can help you to provide their exercise results so you don’t need to supervise your kids while they practice. 

The kids can run out of patience and are unable to set their own goals therefore Champio Tri Luc Master could be the most suitable option for them. The exercise results are very accurate so it can help your kids to set their exact goals, and it can also create your kids’ interest in improving their results every day.

There are a lot of practice modes in the device so it’s very suitable for your family to practice together, the AI can analyse the practice results for everyone. More information can be provided at the “Product” section of the website.

Champio Tri Luc Master – image

2. Important factors that need to be considered while choosing sandbags for your kids

When choosing a suitable target for your kids, you should also consider those things:

2.1 Age and size

The sandbag that your kids use should be aligned with their age and size. If the sandbag is too large, they would find it difficult to use. But if the size is too small, it would not be able to ensure your kids’ safety and the efficiency of the exercises.

2.2 Safety

Ensure that the sandbag is safe to use by checking that the material surface is smooth and the sandbag materials are safe to use. Make sure that the sandbag is sewn completely and it will not create any harm for your children.

2.3 Durable and quality

Choose a sandbag that is high quality and highly durable. This ensures that it would not be worn out after using it for a long time. 

2.4 Adjustable and multi-purpose

An adjustable and multi-purpose sandbag would bring a lot of fun experiences for your kids. Adjustable height can help the children to use it while developing over years.

Punching target – image

3. Equipments that needed to prepare for your kids while practicing with the targets

While your kids use the punching or kicking targets, preparing enough equipments for them is very important to ensure their safety and their fun experiences too.

3.1 Punching gloves

Punching gloves is a very important piece of equipment that helps protect your kids’ fingers and hands while punching the targets. Choosing light gloves, suitable with your kids’ age and hand size to make them feel convenient and flexible while practicing.

Punching gloves – image

3.2 Safety armbands 

Safety armbands help protect your kids’ wrists and maintain their arms while punching the targets. Safety armbands need to be wrapped tightly and correctly to avoid injuries and accidents.

3.3 Sport shoes

Your kids should use appropriate shoes while using the targets to ensure their safety and stability. Sport shoes have elastic shoe soles as well as protecting shoe toes, helping your children to avoid slippery and accidents with their toes while practicing.

3.4 Convenient clothes

Kids should wear convenient and flexible clothes while using the punching/kicking targets. Choosing clothes that can absorb sweats, high elasticities and airy helps the kids to feel comfortable while exercising, suitable with any activities.


4. While using punching/kicking targets, you and your kids should follow the safety procedures

  • Always supervise your kids while they use the targets.
  • Instruct them how to correctly hit the targets and ensure the accuracy of each hit.
  • Ensure that there’s nothing around the targets to avoid your children from accidently knocking over them.
  • Help your children to wear protection clothes like punching gloves, armbands,.. to protect their wrists and hands.
  • Tidy around the target area after use to prevent any incidents.

Choosing the right type of punching/kicking targets for your kids is an important decision to ensure their safety and efficiency while exercising. Understanding about different kinds of targets and consider factors like age, safety, high durability and multi-purpose can help you find the most suitable kind of targets for your kids.