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🥋🌟 “Discover the Power of Martial Arts at Mega Mall Royal City – Master Mind Event!” 🌟🥋

Welcome all readers who love sports and martial arts!

📣 Are you ready to experience a unique, dramatic event at Mega Mall Royal City? From January 20 to January 27, Tri Luc Master will bring you an unlimited martial arts experience!

👊 Explore Top Games:

🏆 Strongest Punch: Measure the power of your punch with prizes up to 500,000 VND!
🎶 Speed Punch with Music: Perfect synchronization between martial arts and music, win prizes up to 700,000 VND and receive many interesting gifts.
💡 LED Speed Punch: Challenge yourself with LED lights, win 700,000 VND and unique gifts.

🎟️ Attractive Experience Price:

For only 10,000 VND/time, you can participate in every game and measure the indicators during your experience.
🎁 Free Lucky Draw:

Each visitor has the opportunity to draw free prizes at the booth.
Buy 2 times to play with Tri Luc Master machine, get 1 more lucky draw.
Prizes up to 500,000 VND and many attractive gifts are waiting for you!
📍 Location: Mega Mall Royal City – Tri Luc Master special booth

📅 Time: January 20 – January 27

👉 Come and Experience Now:

Show off your strength and technique in unique games.
Receive valuable prizes and free lucky draw.
Enjoy the exciting and dramatic atmosphere of the event.
🎉 Tri Luc Master – Where the Power and Excitement of Martial Arts Convergence!

🔥 Don’t Miss Out – Come Now and Join! 🔥

Note: Detailed information and event updates can be followed on Tri Luc Master’s Facebook page and official website.